Monday, September 17, 2012

What No One Tells You

Everyone talks about the terrible two's like it's the worst thing in the world. Please.... Two is a walk in the park compared to the apocalypse called Three. This is not just my experience either, everyone I know with three year olds wholeheartedly agrees. Three is full of near schizophrenic mood swings, demands from a tiny terrorist and tears and rage at the most minor of infraction. The thing is NO ONE TELLS YOU! You pat yourself on the back for surviving year two when WHAM, your child is on the floor like you hacked off a limb because you left the stem on his apple. Seriously, meal and snack times are a veritable minefield of possible reactions.

Actual conversation a few weeks ago

Me: Cole, your cereal is on the table. I'll be right back.
Cole, wandering over: OK
***stops in his tracks*** MAMA!! There's milk in my cereal!
Me: Yes, I know. I poured it myself.
(ummm this is news to me)

I leave him throwing a fit over my supposed offense to use the bathroom. After approximately 12 seconds, Cole throws open the door and screams at me,"MAMA, YOU HAVE TO KNOW!!!" Punctuated by slamming the door Is he four yet??

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  1. Bahahahaha. I love Cole.

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