Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18: Just Say Yes

When you're four years old, it must seem like the world is against you. You hear people say "No" Cole probably feels like he never gets his way. Mommy won't let him carry his brother around and daddy won't let him leap off the couch. He's not allowed to have cookies for breakfast or stay up all night to play with his toys.

So today I said "I love you" to Cole by saying "yes!" This morning was a rough one, trying to get all of us out the door on time. John left for work before we woke up, Nolan was grouchy because he's got four teeth coming through and I was running around like a crazy lady trying to get everything done. So when Cole asked if he could wear his Thor costume to daycare, my automatic answer was "no way!" He was devastated and I thought to myself "why not?" So I helped him get his costume on and off we went! He was so happy to show everyone his costume at daycare that I didn't care that he looked silly. That happy face was all that mattered.

Yes, this picture was from last night.  You don't think I have time in the mornings to say "yes" and snap a picture, do you??  

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