Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 6: Tickle my way into his heart

On Day 6 of the challenge, Cole and I had a tickle fight in our hotel room.  Nothing brightens my day more than the sound of his laughter.  He pretends like he doesn't want to be tickled, but eggs me on to get me to do it.  Then he shrieks with laughter and makes me laugh as well.  It's like an endless cycle of hilarity.   He will even tell me right where to get him. "Mama, DON'T get my armpits!" But then raises his arms in the air to taunt me.  So of course, I head right to that spot.  What a mean mommy ;)  

No one can make me crazier than Cole.  Some days, I wonder how in the world I will survive the insanity of being his mother. The endless questions, the whining (oh the WHINING!!), picking on his brother, the list of crazy goes on and on.    Then the laughter starts and I forget all about the way he almost sends me into the looney bin.  Tickling is such an easy way for me to instantly pull both of us out of a cranky mood and make a connection with my little dude. 

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