Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: Clean dishes say I love you??

Today I showed my husband that I loved him by doing the dishes. Now I realize this may sound crazy to some people. How in the world do clean dishes say "I love you"? Well, if you know my husband and I personally you will know that he is the neat and clean one and I am a little bit  lot on the messy/hate to clean  side. As evidenced by yesterday's post, our son seems to be following in my footsteps.  True fact: John does at least 80% of the cleaning in our house.  Yes, I am aware of how lucky I am.  Thank God, I didn't marry a fellow slob or our house would look like those on Hoarders: Buried Alive.

But I digress...   John gets home today from a 6 day trip to Chicago. Every time he goes out of town he cleans the house and not so secretly hopes it will still be clean when he gets home.  The dishes are a particular hot button issue.  100% of the time he goes out of town, I am an epic failure and the kitchen typically looks worse than ever.  But not today!  I can't wait to see his face when his eyes spot, not a sink and counter full of dishes that he has to clean, but an empty sink and not a dirty dish in sight. This, my friends, is what will set my husband's heart a-flutter.


  1. just thought id let you knwo i am stopping by daily...sending you proof that somebody is interested in you 31 days xxxxx